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Especially when I see others with mothers.'On April 25, she had been working like this for three years.

But as she lay under the rubble, calling out for help, she couldn't think of any of this.

Each of them has their own tale to tell of what happened that day, and how it changed their lives Orphaned: Somong and her brothers Sancha and Sujan were made orphans by the earthquake.

Their grandmother took over their care, and when Chinese men came to offer them a new life, she didn't think twice Fears: The Chinese men took them hundreds of miles away, but the government knew how vulnerable children like Somong were, and with the help of Unicef and NGOs worked to bring in new child protection measures Rescued: The children were found in west Nepal, after the Chinese traffickers tried to register them in another district.

If they had not been found, they would have been put to work, most likely in brothels, mines or homes Eventually the man she called 'grandfather' pulled her from the ruins.

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They also began checking buses travelling into Kathmandu, which is how they stopped Sita, 13, pictured Trafficking has been a problem in Nepal for many years.

Those kept in Nepal end up being forced to work in slave-like conditions.

Saved: After the disaster, the government sent teams out to each village, to look for any vulnerable children.

Maiti, an anti-trafficking charity whose offices sit close to the Shree Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, notes how it has been a problem for more than a century.

Nowadays, the victims can be found across the world.


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